Where Exactly Do Ticks Hang Out?

Ticks are everywhere this year. These ugly insects are blood feeders and are unfortunately capable of transmitting some serious illnesses, such as Lyme disease, to people and dogs alike.

Ticks are most often found on low lying vegetation – such as fields of tall grass or low plant life in the woods. They spend their adult lives hanging on to leaves with their ‘arms’ outstretched waiting for a host to grab on to.  That is why most ticks are found on your dog’s head, shoulders, or chest.

Fortunately, ticks are uncommon in mowed yards, so if your pet is confined to the lawn, it is not as likely to get infested.  This year, more than ever, keep your pet protected with a quality tick preventative and your dog vaccinated with a Lyme vaccine.  For safe and correct prevention advice, please give us a call.

Dr. Bob

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