June 2017 Allstar Pet

”Louise first showed up at my house in 2014 shortly after I moved in. She was an extremely friendly, skinny, and scruffy cat. She started inviting herself into the house and she was just too friendly to turn away. I took her in for a full check-up and she has been happily living with me ever since.

Louise is the definition of a lap cat. The second I sit down on the couch, she jogs over and hops up to curl up on my lap. She hangs out with her brother, Howard, on the couch with their favorite fuzzy blanket when I am not there.

Unlike nearly all cats, Louise loves to go for rides in the car. Maybe it is because we are usually driving to Hudson Veterinary Hospital for boarding where she gets spoiled with non-stop attention.

Her favorite toy is her catnip filled squirrel, which she has been known to leave inside the dishwasher if the door is left open. “