July 2017 All Star Pet

Suzi is such an affectionate, loving dog. She has an internal clock for meal time that I have never seen before; It’s never a question of it’s time to eat, lol. She is so easy going, loves to greet people and kind of just hangs back and watches everything going on around her. She has a favorite chair, which she usually shares quite nicely with her dad. She really enjoys lying in the sun but doesn’t stay out long. Her real talent is talking and she cannot control herself at the vet or the groomer. She will carry on a conversation with anyone who will listen.

It was a few years after we lost our boxer to cancer, I had been researching for months, trying to find a breed that fit our lifestyle. I saw a picture of a Cavalier and knew that was what we needed. My search lead me to a wonderful breeder. When we met, Suzi came right up to me and laid in my lap. I was in love at first sight; we brought her home a few weeks later. She came home to us with her deaf brother. While she has never been a mother of a litter, she has been a “mother” to both of her brothers. Suzi loves to play mama to Franklin, her 2-year-old brother. She has never been much for toys; when Franklin is playing, she runs after HIM rather than running for the toy. It’s so funny to watch! Suzi loves most any kind of snack offered to her but most of all, the loves the Biljack treats at the vet’s office. She can’t get enough!

~ Mrs. W.

Suzi just reached her 10-year anniversary as a patient here and we think she just might be the cutest little ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ever! Suzi is typical of her breed with a bright outgoing personality and an affectionate nature. She greets us with excited barking every time she comes in the door. We can always tell when Suzi has arrived for boarding or a checkup! Because of her animated talkativeness, her adorable face, and her perpetually cheerful disposition, Suzi is our Hudson Veterinary Hospital Allstar Pet!