All Star Pet


“Our beautiful Blendy came to us over 10 years ago.  I knew she was a special cat the day she peeked in our back door and invited herself in, fully confident that we were going to love her. After a while, she decided to stay with us.

More than just a pretty face, Blendy has a delightfully laidback personality, and as I’ve said a healthy amount of confidence.  Although generally a happy go lucky individual, she has no problem keeping other feline mischief-makers in line with a stern look and a low growl. She is respected by all of her feline housemates.

Did I say she was beautiful?  (Also very photogenic) Blendy really seems to enjoy being photographed.  She’s not curious about the camera at all; she just turns on the charm.   Always ready for her close up, we wouldn’t have her any other way.  She’s a perfect companion.”

~Mrs. Berzinsky

Blendy is one of our favorite feline patients. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she is sweet and sassy as well.

She appeared at the Berzinsky’s home with her four fuzzy kittens ten years ago. The Berzinskys took her in and eventually had Blendy and all of her kittens vaccinated, spayed and neutered. They have helped so many stray kitties get well and find their way to new homes and families since they joined the Hudson Vet family in 2003. Blendy is just one of their many pampered kitties.

A few years ago, Blendy developed diabetes. She comes to see us now for regular blood tests and is on insulin and a prescription diet that helps regulate her glucose levels. She is happy, healthy and much loved. Because of her amazing purrsonality, Blendy is our Hudson Veterinary All Star Pet!