August 2017 Allstar Pet

“In February 2014, when Dick Goddard was telling everyone to keep their pets inside because the polar vortex was bringing some below zero temperatures for two weeks, we found Frosty, AKA Kitty. When I came home from church on Sunday morning and passed the snowplow going the other direction, I noticed a gray clump of snow under our mailbox. As I pulled into the drive, my husband was coming down the 400-foot drive in his truck with a box and some gloves. I asked him what he thought it was. Maybe a possum, he said. It turned out to be a small gray kitten almost frozen to the ground. We took her into our warm laundry room and snuggled her into a box. Her eyes were so full of mucus that I had to wash her face to get her to open her eyes.

I left a message on Dr. Bob’s answering machine that night. Ellen called me back at 7:30 AM and said to bring her in. Dr. Bob did surgery to close a wound on her forehead and kept her for a week. While she was there she delivered two stillborn kittens. Dr. Bob felt her ear tips needed to be trimmed because they had frozen, as well as part of her tail which also appeared to have a rubber band tightly wrapped around the tip. She had definitely been mistreated.

Her little paw pads had all been frozen and black scabs eventually sloughed off. In addition to the freezing weather, we feel she had been hit by a car or attacked by a larger animal which caused the wound on her forehead, a broken tooth and a permanently weepy eye.

We have always had animals – dogs and cats – but when we saw this little four-pound helpless creature, we just knew we had to rescue her. She travels with us often and never complains about being crated. Her meow is as tiny as she is. She is a real “princess” lying on the floor right in the walkway and expecting us to give her plenty of petting. No dry food for the princess, only the best.

We deeply appreciate Dr. Bob and his staff for the great expertise in saving our sweet Kitty.”

~The Mooney Family

Frosty worked her way straight into our hearts from the first day we met her. She must have been in incredible pain from all the trauma she had endured, but she never complained. She is simply the sweetest little girl. We love to see her when she comes in for exams or occasional boarding in the kennel. Because Frosty is so loving and trusting despite everything she has been through in her short life, she is our newest Hudson Veterinary Hospital Allstar Pet!