Holly, a 5 year old Beagle, is a most loyal and affectionate member of our family.  She brightens up our home in Stow, whether it’s wrestling on the floor, chasing squirrels, greeting us at the door after a long work day, or using her powerful nose for snooping.  She’s very smart in that she lets herself outside through her own battery operated remote controlled doggy door.  She keeps a careful watch over her family and barks at any strangers nearby.  We love her dearly and are thankful for the staff at Hudson Veterinary Hospital for taking good care of our buddy. 

Mr. Kramer

Holly was uncomfortable.  Her only relief came during her occasional treatments with ointments and oral antibiotics.  Nothing seemed to eradicate her inflamed ears, and itchy skin with crusts and scabs. Mr. Kramer brought Holly to Hudson Veterinary Hospital for a second opinion.

Like most beagles, Holly tried her best to see the positive side of life.  Outgoing and active, she won us over immediately with happy greetings and tail wags.  Yet, she needed help.  Her hair coat was rough.  She flapped her ears and scratched excessively.

We recommended changing Holly’s diet to “Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream.”  The diet is grain free and contains fish which provide high levels of omega fatty acids.  Further, she was prescribed Standard Process supplements to boost her digestion and immunity.

Holly has turned the corner! She is off of all medications.  Her ears are no longer red.  Her hair coat is soft and supple with no scabbing.  Her smiles are now a bit larger and her tail wags are exuberant.  Her winning personality has made her our All Star Pet.