When Will My Puppy Lose His Baby Teeth?

Those little needles that puppies have for teeth can be quite an annoyance. Especially when puppies seem to think that everything is a chew toy. Be sure that your pup has plenty of things he is allowed to chew on and do your best to discourage him from chewing on other things (like hands).

The good news is that this stage does not last forever. Puppies usually start losing their teeth around four months of age, starting with their two front teeth. The teeth usually come out while eating or chewing on something and are swallowed. The last teeth to come out are the canines (fangs). This happens around six months of age.

Occasionally, particularly in small breeds, those canines or other teeth will not come out when they are supposed to. In these cases, they should be extracted. Baby teeth that do not come out push adult teeth out of place. More importantly, they have a much higher incidence of tartar and periodontal disease. This can lead to damage and early loss of the permanent tooth.

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Dr. Mark

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