What is the best way to house train my puppy?

One of the easiest ways to house train is to “crate train”. The crate you choose should be just large enough for your puppy to stand and lay down in comfortably. Too much room and they will eliminate in one corner and sleep in another. Many people buy a larger crate and block part of it with a cardboard box to avoid having to buy different size crates as the pup grows.

Your puppy will need to go outside after waking from a nap, hard play, or eating. Take your puppy outside for about fifteen minutes. If elimination occurs, praise him lavishly. (I usually do not recommend food treats as rewards.) If he does not eliminate, put him back in the crate for fifteen minutes then take him out again. Once elimination occurs, he can be free to explore, play, etc.

The crate should never be used for punishment. It is the pup’s own personal space– “his room”. He will soon learn to treat it as a place to go for privacy and comfort.

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Dr. Bob

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