What is a Hot Spot?

Your dog may have the misfortune of dealing with a hot spot, better described as acute moist dermatitis. A hot spot is warm, moist and even slimy, circular patch of skin on your dog’s body that may appear quite abruptly. Hot spots can be several inches in diameter and be very uncomfortable. They frequently occur during the warmer more humid months.

Hot spots develop more frequently in heavier coated dogs and often in those more prone to swim or get baths. Often, they are not detected immediately due to the infection starting under the hair coat around the neck or sides of the face.

Treatment requires closely trimming all of the hair over the affected area, as well as the adjacent healthy skin. The hotspot is gently cleansed with an antiseptic scrub and topical ointments are applied. Steroids and oral antibiotics are often included. Sedation may be necessary in the worse cases.

Be sure to towel dry your pet thoroughly and quickly after swimming or bathing. If a hot spot is suspected, have your pet’s skin checked so treatment can begin as quickly as possible. Grooming your pet often helps clear away excess coat assuring quicker dry times and healthier skin. Enjoy summer and keep a sharp eye out for maintaining your pet’s health!

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Dr. Bob

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