What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are molecules released by mammals and insects that affect the behavior of others of the same species.  Often these molecules are below the threshold that the olfactory system can detect but still send signals to the brain.  In other words behavior can be altered in an animal without them smelling anything.

Pheromone products are now available that can affect the behavior of dogs and cats.  They are distinctly different products because dog pheromones will not affect cats and vice versa.  Both products aim to provide a calming influence for a pet providing a sense of reassurance and lowering stress levels.  The products come in various forms such as wall plug-ins, sprays, and collars.  They do work quite well both at home as well as in unfamiliar situations.  We have them available at our office anytime. We’ll be glad to provide you with further information.

Dr. Bob

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