Should My Cat Be Vegan?

Vegan diets have become popular with many people and as a result, some people have tried to convert their cat to veganism… with dire consequences. Cats and people have very different dietary needs.

Humans preferentially use carbohydrates as an energy source. When there are not enough carbs around, we start burning fat and then, only as a last resort, do we start burning protein as an energy source. (We do use protein on a daily basis for other things but not for energy.) Cats, on the other hand, burn protein every day whether or not their energy needs could be met by carbs or fats.

Cats that are not fed enough protein in their diets will actually start to break down their own muscle and use them for energy. Also, their need for protein and certain other nutrients such as cobalamin and taurine can only be met by feeding animal proteins. Whether you are a vegan for health or ethical reasons, please remember, your cat is a true carnivore and is most definitely NOT a vegan.

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Dr. Mark

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