Help! My Dog Won’t Quit Scratching!

Spring has sprung in Northeast Ohio and so have the allergens. Grasses, trees, and molds are busy producing pollens. Your unlucky pet may be an allergy victim. If you’ve seen a dramatic increase in scratching, face rubbing, or foot chewing this spring, your friend may be suffering from seasonal allergies, also called atopy.

Atopy often occurs in spring and fall depending on the allergens. Treatment may include medicated baths, antihistamines, steroids, and prescription immune modulating treatments. A diagnosis can be made by skin testing or blood analysis.

Keep a watchful eye out for fleas. Due to our mild winter, this spring may be a difficult flea season. Dogs and cats that are allergic to fleas may react to the saliva from a single bite! Watch for the tell-tale “pepper” in your dog’s coat particularly around the tail base. The black specks are digested blood left by the feeding fleas. Excellent monthly products are available to protect your cat and dog from flea infestations and allergy effects.

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Dr. Bob

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