Are there over-the-counter pain medications I can use in my pet?

One of the most difficult things to observe as a pet owner is our pets suffering from pain.

Should your dog or cat sustain an injury, especially if this occurs outside of business hours, you may wonder what medications you can purchase over-the-counter to ease their discomfort. Unfortunately, most over-the-counter pain medications are dangerous or even deadly to our pets. Pain can come in many forms and relief is often necessary in pets with injuries or with chronic discomfort from conditions like arthritis.

If your pet seems painful, an appointment with a veterinarian is needed. If the office is closed and the pain seems mild, you can restrict your pet from high-impact activity, such as jumping, and see if the signs improve. If your pet’s pain seems to be significant, your pet may should be seen at an emergency clinic.

Should you wish to discuss a pain management plan for your pet, please make an appointment to see our veterinarians at Hudson Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Crane

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