Kennel Staff

Kelly joined the kennel staff in the fall of 2010 and works some nights and weekends. She and her husband Craig have four children. Kelly enjoys caring for her Haflinger horse named Bizzy, Rottweiler named Denver, and a cat named Sparkle. Kelly and Craig additionally board many horses on their farm and give horseback riding lessons. In her spare time, Kelly enjoys camping and hiking. She and her family live in Cuyahoga Falls.


Nicolette has been working in our kennel since spring 2011. She works some evenings and weekends caring for our boarders. Nicolette is married to Chris and they have three adorable young children. Nicolette’s real baby is her Thoroughbred bay mare named Tootsie, whom she has loved and spoiled for the past 16 years. When she is not working, Nicolette divides her time between her family, home improvement projects, cooking and baking, reading, and visiting family. Nicolette lives in Hudson.


zloriLori has been working in our kennel since the fall of 2012. She fills in both day and evening shifts taking care of boarding and hospitalized pets. Lori has experience as a large animal veterinary technician and is also a racehorse trainer. Lori has two children. They also have two Bernese mountain dogs – Hedley and Lincoln, three pet cats named Boo, Ash, and Mexican, as well as a feral barn cat named Sassy. Also in the barn are two thoroughbred race horses, a thoroughbred brood mare, and a miniature pony named Thunder. When Lori is taking a break from cleaning stalls and litter boxes, she enjoys running and boating. Lori lives in Diamond with her family.

Pete joined our staff as the kennel manager in the spring of 2017. Pete has lots of experience caring for dogs as a volunteer for the Lake Erie Labrador Retrieve Rescue. He and his wife Rachel typically have 5-10 foster dogs in their care as well as their own three dogs and two cats – Lakota a Labrador Retriever, Edgar a Lab mix, Baby a Lab mix, Cleo a Domestic Shorthair, and Spero a Domestic Shorthair.  When Pete isn’t working or caring for his rescue dogs, he enjoys running marathons and ultra-marathons. He loves cooking healthy foods, hiking, playing the mandolin, and spending time with his wife. Pete lives in Valley City.