Why does my Labrador want to eat so… much?

For some Labradors, it is because they can’t help it. Researchers at Cambridge University have reported locating a ‘gluttony’ gene in Labrador Retrievers. Twenty-three percent of the Labradors in their study carried at least one copy of a variant of the POMC gene which is involved in regulating how the brain recognizes hunger and the feeling of being full after a meal. Labradors averaged five pounds heavier for each copy of the variant gene they carried.
It is interesting that many Labradors are easy to train with treats. Is it any wonder then that they would do ANYTHING for an extra morsel?
Obviously, obesity in pets carries very real health concerns just like obesity in people. We need to help our Labradors control their calorie intake because they may not be able to!

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Dr. Bob

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