What’s Up with Airline Pet Travel?

There have been some unfortunate news stories lately of challenges, including death, of some pets traveling on airlines.  Though the circumstances are different, it does point to issues that some airlines are addressing to make pet travel safer.

Travel of any sort may stress your pet.  Obviously, airline travel puts strong restrictions on pet mobility and owner contact,

making that stress even greater.  Currently, some airlines are requiring more detailed information on pet behavior, vaccination status, and general health.  The American Veterinary Medical Association is working with some airlines to help reshape the required veterinary health forms to provide better insights from both a health and legal standpoint.  These policies vary between airlines and may be changing so it is very important to review each airlines position prior to travel.

Please review your airline restrictions and consult with your veterinarian for the specific care needed for your pet prior to travel to make the trip as stress free as possible.

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