What to do when my dog gets stung?

Yip! (Dog language for ouch!) Bee Sting!

Now what?  Like people, dogs can react to insect stings in a number of ways.  Dogs who have not

been stung before or are allergic will react to the initial sting by licking or possibly limping. Relief can be as simple as applying a dab of baking soda mixed with a little water to the sting site.  Benadryl given at 1mg. per pound (1 Tab for every 25 lbs.) can be given safely for mild swellings or hives.

Avoidance is always the best preventative.  Avoid flower gardens on walks, and limit walks to the cooler parts of the day.  If you find a stinger, flick it out of the skin.  Avoid using tweezers which might inject more venom and cause more of a reaction.  When in doubt, have your veterinarian give your pet a thorough skin exam.

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