What makes a trusted veterinarian?

Veterinarians as a group have always been a well thought of and trusted class of professionals. Perhaps it’s their interest in caring for animals in general and their sacrifice of schooling and effort to be able to do so.  I can’t think of a more wonderful profession that helps people and their furry ones they care about. Most people can readily think of a veterinarian who’s care, and compassion has left its mark in their lives.

Dr. Keith Colwell has served this community with its veterinary needs for decades.  He has exemplified the definition of caring and compassion. Now, he has chosen to step back and pursue a lifestyle free of every day practice. It is well deserved, and we will miss him.  If you wish to let him know what his care has meant to your family, please stop in and leave a card or sign our ‘wish-you-well’ journal. Good luck Dr. Colwell and thank you!

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