What Dog Breed is Right for Me?

Many people pick a pet on a whim or because it is cute. Often, they end up with a pet that does not fit their lifestyle or personality. It is important to know a dog’s personality prior to adopting it. A helpful aid in selecting a suitable breed is utilizing matching sites on the internet. These sites ask you for information about your personality and lifestyle and suggest a few breeds that may fit the bill. The rest of the decision comes down to availability, price and, of course, personal preference.

The AKC, Animal Planet, Iams and Purina all have breed matching services as do some lesser known sites like Puppyfinder.com. The main thing to keep in mind with any of these sites is that they are speaking in generalities. No breed definition can accurately describe all individuals of that breed so it is still very important to meet your pet before adopting it. Then you can decide for yourself if it truly fits with you (and how cute it is.)

Speaking to people who already have experience with a certain breed may also help you decide. Of course, you will have to take into account the biases of the person to whom you are speaking. You can also contact your vet or Hudson Veterinary Hospital at (330)650-2929.

Dr. Mark

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