Should I Shave My Dog This Summer?

Please, no. Your dogs coat serves many purposes besides just “good looks!”

Chiefly, your pet’s coat serves as a natural temperature regulator in both summer and winter. Dogs don’t sweat, and so cannot cool themselves by skin moisture evaporation like humans. Dogs expel excess heat by rapid panting.

A dense coat actually helps insulate your dog from the higher summertime temperatures. Furthermore, a shaved coat would increase the chance for your pet to become sunburned and raise the risk for skin cancer. Keep in mind, however, there are situations where shaving may be recommended, such as a matted coat, hot spots, and for treatment of certain skin diseases requiring medicinal applications.

Obviously, precautions should always be taken in high heat, including adequate shade and access to plenty of water. These measures, a good brushing and regular bathing should keep your furry friend feeling just fine during our summer months.

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Dr. Bob

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