Should I keep my cat away from my Christmas Tree?

A Christmas Tree does pose a threat for some cats. What could be more fun than scaling a tower offering a new vantage point to survey the surroundings?  Or better yet, chewing on a dangling cord or shiny tinsel?

Kittens and young cats are most likely to tackle scaling a tree.  Some common sense precautions are in order.

Swallowing pine needles from a live tree can be dangerous. Vacuum frequently and keep the tree well watered but cover the reservoir with tin foil to stop any water ingestion.  Secure the tree with a tether to the wall if a sturdy base is not available. Fasten all ornaments to the branches by pinching wire hooks. It may be wise to avoid placing valuable ornaments on the tree until your cat has matured. Eliminate using tinsel. Spread tinfoil around the base and keep furniture from being too close to the tree which could encourage a daring leap.

Having experienced the surprise of a toppled tree by my own cat, I speak from experience!  Have a safe and wonderful Holiday Season.

Dr. Bob

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