Should I Allow My Pet to Sleep in My Bed?

If you do, you are not alone (no pun intended).  Surveys indicate that approximately 50 % of pet owners allow one or more of their pets to sleep with them on their beds.  There is nothing intrinsically wrong in doing so, but there are some things to consider.

If you have sensitivity to pet dander, then spending a night with a furry friend will lead to a less than restful sleep.  Also, a pet’s movements during the night may disturb your comfort as well as block your own movements.

Dogs can be trained to no longer sleep on the bed, but be ready for some restless nights.  Positive rewards for staying on the floor and discipline for being on the bed can help retrain them to stay down, but the training must be consistent and as long as necessary.

Cats may be more difficult to retrain.  Usually, it is best to close them out of the bedroom.  However, once they are out, they could get into trouble.  Providing a cat condo can help.  Also, provide plenty of interesting toys, or turn on an outside light to provide nighttime window distractions.

Finally, keeping your pet off of the bed does not make you a bad pet owner.  Our pets have it good.  A warm house with healthy, regular meals, and a few kind words is far better than some less fortunate animals may ever experience.

Ultimately, the decision to allow your pet on your bed is a personal one.  And if you do, your pet will be more than willing to comply!  Sweet dreams.

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Dr. Bob

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