Road salt dangerous for pets?

It’s that time of year again. Everything is covered in snow and the salt crews are out. Most pets are smart enough not to eat road salt but they can swallow some when licking their feet after a walk. Eating small amounts of rock salt should not be a problem, but large amounts can lead to stomach upset and vomiting. The big danger, though, is other ice melting salts such as those containing calcium chloride or magnesium. These can be very irritating to the mouth and to the GI tract and can cause serious medical issues.

These salts are also irritating to the skin (yours and your pets). After walking in areas that have been salted, it is very important to thoroughly rinse your pet’s feet. This is particularly important if your pet has long fur.

Another important step is to dry your pet’s feet, whether they are wet from being rinsed off or just from the snow itself. Skin that stays wet can become soft making it more prone to damage and infection.

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Dr. Mark

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