Preparing a dog for new baby’s arrival

Our pets are naturally curious about changes in the home – particularly, a new baby. When first arriving home, let other family members enter the house first to acknowledge your dog and burn off any initial excitement. Once things seem calm, enter the house and have someone leash the dog and allow it to approach the baby slowly to explore the new package. Have plenty of treats available to reward a calm and controlled behavior, making the experience as positive as possible. Usually, your dog will quickly adjust to the new changes.

Though a rare occurrence, if your dog displays any aggressive behavior toward the baby, remove the dog from the room immediately. If the behavior recurs, contact an animal behaviorist for evaluation and retraining.

By the time your little one is dropping Cheerio’s from its high chair, they’ll both be the best of friends! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call.

Dr. Bob


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