My cat urinated outside the litter box – what should I do?

Inappropriate elimination can be one of the most frustrating situations with our kitties. Cats have very complex behaviors that can also affect where they choose to excrete. The first step in correcting the issue is to ensure there are no underlying medical conditions that are causing the behavior such as kidney disease, diabetes, urinary tract infections, and other urinary bladder disorders. Bloodwork and urine assessments can help rule out these conditions.

If no medical issues are found, behavior may also result in the inappropriate elimination. Minimizing stress is important.  Rearranging furniture, changing litter brands, and aggression between pets in the household are a few of the many things that can cause stress to cats. Increasing the number of litter boxes in the home can help. As a rule of thumb, there should be one litter box in the house for every cat, plus one additional box.

If these management changes fail to resolve the behavior, certain medications or diets may be beneficial for the pet to minimize stress. Should you wish to discuss feline inappropriate elimination or other atypical kitty behaviors with our veterinarians, please schedule an appointment with us at Hudson Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Crane

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