Lepto Vaccine Concerns

Leptospirosis or “Lepto” is a bacterial disease that can be deadly. Depending which variant is involved, the infection usually causes liver or kidney damage. It is mostly spread through urine, and can infect many animals from small mice and moles, to cattle and horses. It can also infect humans. It is one of the few bacteria that may even be able to penetrate intact skin. Because some people are forgoing the vaccine, cases of Lepto are on the rise.

So why do some people recommend not receiving this vaccine? The answer is that the Lepto portion of the vaccine is the most likely to cause a vaccine reaction. Vaccine reactions could include swelling and/or pain at the injection site. More serious issues are rare.

Fortunately, changes in the purification process have made vaccine reactions less common while still allowing Lepto protection. For this reason, and the fact that most dogs that spend any time outdoors are at risk, we highly recommend getting the Lepto vaccine. It may protect you as well as your pet.

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