Is My Indoor Cat Safe from Parasites?

It’s a common misconception that cats kept indoors have no need for parasite prevention. Even if your cat does not go outdoors, the outdoors can come in to it.

Fleas will readily hitch a ride on you or the dog that does go outside. Your dog may be on flea preventative, but no flea product has an instant kill. In fact, many products require the flea to bite your pet before the flea is exposed to any pesticide. In this case, any flea that aborts its attempt on Fido is free to try again on Kitty.

Intestinal parasites can be brought in by dirt tracked in on your shoes. Outdoor cats will commonly use mulched and landscaped areas as a litter box. Those of us who work in the garden are particularly at risk of bringing these parasites in. And indoor gardeners are not immune either. Many potting soils contain worm eggs that are still viable (a possible risk for the gardener, as well).

The truth is that all pets should be on regular parasite prevention. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact Hudson Veterinary Hospital at (330)650-2929.

Dr. Mark

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