Is my cat really healthy?

Cats are amazing animals.  They are lean, fast, strong and tough.  They can just as easily be fat, slow and lazy.  Our house cats have it pretty good after all.  For some, the biggest part of their day is a long stretch and saunter to the food bowl and litter box.  They usually demand very little and pick and choose their bonding times.

This laissez-faire attitude also can give their owners a false sense that cats are rarely ill. In fact, by the time your cat does seem ‘off’, it’s often more serious than you might expect.  They masquerade their issues a little too well. It is all the more important to note any changes in your cat’s routine and have us take a look. We’ll assess things and follow-up. Don’t neglect an annual exam. It will provide the baseline for what is normal health for your pet.

Dr. Bob

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