Is Lawn Fertilizer Dangerous For My Pet?

It’s Spring. Early lawn treatments and mulching are around the corner. So what does that mean for my pet?

Most fertilizers, including those with grub control, are relatively safe for  pets when applied properly. It is wise to avoid contact until dry pellets are washed into the soil after the next rain, or liquid treatments have dried. Ingestion of grass is generally of minor concern since the amount of chemicals would be generally small.

The most concern would be a pet’s ingestion directly from the bag since the chemicals would be very concentrated.  Oddly, organic fertilizers that contain such products as bone meal or blood meal may be a little too palatable to pets. They may ingest several pounds which could have serious after-effects. Mulch ingestion can lead to foreign body blockage and g.i. Irritations.

Watch for drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, listlessness, tremors, or seizures.  If you have any toxic exposure concerns, call our office for instructions.

Dr. Bob

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