Is Fertilizer Toxic to My Pet?

Most fertilizers contain varying amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium – often represented on the label by numbers like 10-10-10. These are natural compounds that should not cause toxicity unless large ingestions of the liquid or pellet fertilizer is consumed from the container. Toxicity from a pet eating a few blades of grass that had been fertilized or from walking on a fertilized lawn is similarly not expected.

Certain pesticides and fungicides, however, can cause tremors or seizures. For this reason, always read product labels for ingredients and their warnings prior to use. If you use a lawn service, ask what products they use, so you can take proper precautions for your pet. If you think your pet had a toxic exposure, or if you have questions about the products you are using this summer, feel free to contact our doctors at Hudson Veterinary Hospital. Happy gardening!

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