How do I keep my dog from getting the flu?

Influenza has been in the news a lot lately, and many pet owners worry about the risk to their pet. While influenza has been seen in our area in recent years, we have not been seeing cases frequently.

Preventing the flu can be difficult, because the disease is so infectious. Spread by coughing and secretions, the flu can infect unvaccinated dogs in no time!  Vaccinations are available against the flu and do help to minimize the severity and duration of the disease.  Vaccination for canine flu should be considered for all dogs that board, groom, or go to day-care often. Consider keeping your pet from high-traffic areas, where unvaccinated dogs may frequent, such as dog parks. Check also to see if your groomer or boarding facility requires vaccination against influenza. If so, it is less likely these sites will have an outbreak.

If you would like to discuss vaccinations against infectious diseases, such as influenza, please contact us at Hudson Veterinary Hospital to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Crane

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