How Do I Housetrain My Puppy?

Puppies tend to eliminate after napping, hard playing, or eating. Take your puppy outside frequently for about 15 minutes. If the puppy eliminates, praise him/her lavishly.  If the puppy doesn’t go, place him/her back in a crate for fifteen minutes and then try again. Once elimination occurs, it’s time for play, exploration, etc.

The crate you choose should be large enough for your puppy to stand and lie down in comfortably.  Too much space, however, and it may eliminate in one corner and sleep in another.  Block off a section of a large crate and increase the space as needed.  This will help avoid buying larger crates as the puppy grows.  Remember, the crate is the puppies ‘den’.  It should not be used for punishment.  Your puppy should look at it as a place for privacy and comfort.

Dr. Bob

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