How Can I Get My Pet to Lose Weight

Weight loss in pets can be challenging, but just as in people, weight can be successfully managed by monitoring “calories in versus calories out”.

Measure how much food you are currently giving per day with a measuring cup and compare with the recommended measure on the food bag. If your pet is overweight, try decreasing this volume by 20%.

Also, calories in treats can be significant. Try switching from regular dog treats, to healthy snacks like green beans, baby carrots, or apple slices and avoid fatty human foods like bacon, ham, or cheese. Increasing play can also help to burn excess calories. Spend time daily playing with a feather toy with your cat, throwing the ball for your dog, or going for walks.

Always monitor your pet’s weight closely during a weight loss program, as weight should be lost gradually rather than quickly. Should you wish to discuss a nutrition or weight loss plan for your pet, please schedule a consultation with us at Hudson Veterinary Hospital.

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