Food Allergies

Dogs are often allergic to certain foods offered in even high quality diets.

Symptoms of adverse food reactions include ear problems and skin trouble involving the feet, groin, and/or sides. The GI tract may also be affected with vomiting, soft stool, colitis and anal gland problems. Even asthma and sinusitis have been connected to food sensitivities.

Most veterinary dermatologists feel that a hypoallergenic trial is the most consistent way to rule out food sensitivities. In dogs, irritating food items include beef, chicken, egg, corn, lamb, milk, soy, and wheat. Lamb and rice diets have been popular for many years, however, because of their popularity, an increase of diet related skin disease has now been associated with lamb and rice based diets.

Proper dietary food trials must include a novel protein source such as bison, duck, elk, emu, fish, kangaroo, ostrich, rabbit, or venison. Avoiding grains such as wheat, oats, corn and soy are also necessary. Supplementing with sweet potato, white potato, spelt, quinoa, and rutabaga have now replaced rice in specialty diets. Call us with your questions about quality nutrition. We are what we eat – so too for your pets.

Dr. Bob

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