Does My Pet REALLY Need a Rabies Vaccination

Rabies cases are rare, but extremely deadly.  Once signs develop in a person or animal, the disease is essentially fatal. Given the severity of the disease, rabies vaccination is required by Summit County for cats and dogs.  Any mammal can become infected with the disease, so our pets may become infected by wildlife or other domestic animals while outside. Bats that take up residence in our homes can also be carriers of the disease, therefore, even indoor-only pets could be at risk.

Not only does rabies vaccination protect our pets (and therefore us) from contracting the disease, it also provides some legal protection. If an unvaccinated pet or an overdue vaccinated pet bites a person, it is recommended that the pet be tested for the rabies virus, which can only be done post-mortem.

Fortunately, vaccination is highly protective against rabies, and the current vaccines are exceedingly safe. Vaccine complications are rare. Should you wish to discuss vaccination recommendations for your pet, please contact us at Hudson Veterinary Hospital to schedule a consultation.

Dr. Crane

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