Does My Pet Have Ringworm?

Dermatological abnormalities are common in our pets, and ringworm is often blamed when a rash appears, especially if the rash is circular in shape. Fortunately, ringworm, which is caused by fungal organisms, is rarely the cause for new skin lesions. It is an uncommon condition in dogs or cats. Most often, this fungal disease appears in young dogs or cats in overcrowded conditions, such as in breeding groups or from shelters.

Many other skin conditions can look like ringworm, such as bacterial skin infections or “hotspots”. These conditions are much easier to treat than ringworm and are much more common. As ringworm can spread between animals and people, any rash on your pet should be taken seriously, especially if any people in contact with the pet are demonstrating symptoms. If your pet has skin abnormalities that you would like assessed, please contact us at Hudson Veterinary Hospital to schedule an appointment.

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