Do We Have to Worry About Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is all around us in Ohio, but, somehow, it does not appear to be very prominent in our area. We are in a little bit of a Lyme-free bubble. Word is, that is going to changeā€¦ and soon.

Surprisingly, the ticks that carry Lyme disease are active in the winter and can look for hosts any time the temperature is above forty degrees. Increased tick populations mean increased chances for the spread of Lyme disease. Signs of Lyme disease may include joint pain and fever. Rarely, Lyme disease causes a deadly form of kidney disease.

Tick preventative products like Frontline are only part of the equation. This product is effective at preventing tick attachment but, be aware, if a dose is missed or late, ticks may attach and pass on the Lyme bacteria. To completely protect against Lyme disease, vaccination is needed.

A Lyme vaccine is available but may not be appropriate for every dog. That decision should be made in conjunction with your veterinarian. For further information, contact your veterinarian or Hudson Veterinary Hospital at (330)650-2929.

Dr. Mark

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