Do I need flea prevention for my indoor cat?

Many people try to save on pet care costs by omitting flea prevention on indoor cats. Unfortunately, some of the worst flea infestations I have seen are in households with indoor cats not on prevention. Fleas are everywhere; even living in our grass. Fleas can infest our indoor kitties by hitching a ride on our shoes, pants, or on dogs that enter the home. Unfortunately, only a couple fleas entering the home can result in a huge infestation due to their quick ability to multiply. Once an infestation has taken hold, the eggs and larvae will accumulate in bedding, in the carpet, on furniture, and in between floor boards – disgusting, right? Ridding the infestation can also be a huge headache. I have even had some pet owners consider moving!

For these reasons, flea prevention is recommended for all cats and dogs, even those that live strictly indoors. Prevention is much easier (and less expensive) than eradication of a bad infestation. For more information on flea preventatives, please contact us at Hudson Veterinary Hospital.

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