Do Dogs Get Hay Fever?

Hay fever in humans causes the typical sneezing and itchy water eyes associated with pollen allergies – trees and grass in the Spring and ragweed in the Fall.

Dogs also react to these pollens, but in a much different way.  Dogs show more sensitivity to the pollen contact to the skin than the nasal passages and eyes as in humans.  The typical symptoms in dogs are generalized itching of the sides, belly, and face, and chewing at the feet. This condition is called atopy.

Atopy has traditionally been controlled with antihistamines that offer minimal help or steroids that work better but come with side effects.  Fortunately, several new and exciting medications have been developed which offer excellent control without side effects. These new drugs affect the itch pathway on the cellular level giving your pet much needed relief.

If your pet has the ragweed blues, give us a call!

Dr. Roberts

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