Cleaning Dogs Ears

One of the most common maladies seen in veterinary practice is otitis externa, better known as an infected ear canal. Many times a good cleaning every now and then will decrease the likelihood of this disease.

I recommend the use of a dedicated ear cleaning solution available at pet stores and veterinarians’ offices. Many of these solutions also act as a drying agents and therefore can be used after swimming or playing in the rain to further decrease the chance of infection. Fill the dog’s ear canal with solution and gently massage the ear canal. Allow the dog to shake his head and then remove any debris from the ear with a soft cloth. Cotton swabs are generally not recommended due to the possibility of pushing wax and debris further into the canal. Incidentally, warming the cleaning solution in a manner similar to a baby bottle may make it less disagreeable to your pet.

If your pet has redness, pain or excessive discharge, he probably needs to visit his veterinarian for medication. If you need further information or to schedule an appointment, contact Hudson Veterinary Hospital at (330)650-2929.

Dr. Mark

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