Christmas Puppy or Kitten?

What next?
Ok. So, you now have a new puppy or kitten adding to the Holiday chaos.  Congratulations!

I’m sure it is already clear that the family dynamics have been suddenly altered.  There are not many things more fun than the antics of a new pet.  Pet videos are forever a social media hit.  But, after the novelty fades, there are some real considerations to consider.

Your new friends need to adjust to a lot of new rules, let alone a new language.  You too need to adjust to their inquisitive natures and need for companionship and training.  Like pediatricians for children, veterinarians are here to help you with your ‘furry’ children’s health, nutrition and behavioral needs.

Get started right. Have your pet examined as soon as possible for peace of mind and sound advice.  And send us some of those videos!

Dr. Bob

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