Can I Really Understand My Cat?

First of all, it is important to recognize that cats are wild animals with strong instincts. They choose to be civilized. In essence, cats choose us as much as we may want to see it the other way around. Your cat finds it an advantage to live with you. What cat wouldn’t enjoy a warm house, cushy couch, and ready meal? Take these comforts away and your furry companion may simply move on.

That being said, your cat does appreciate a good home. But to truly benefit your domesticated friend, try and look at their world through their eyes. Imagine the joy of prowling through the jungle or high grasses looking for any movement, smell or sound. Cats are wired to hunt. And when not hunting – to nap! Many behavioral issues can be corrected by offering a stimulating environment. Provide multiple levels with cat condos. Consider hiding treats in various locations. Provide elevated perches with view of the outside to spot birds and small animals. Mount scratching posts even for declawed cats. Vary your cat’s diet with good quality food. Maintain a litter clean box and consider a fresh water source like a dripping faucet. Finally, offer teasing playtime with a catnip stuffed mouse or laser pointer.

Remember, it is a high honor that your ‘jungle’ cat should consider you as its special friend. Never take it for granted.

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