Can Dogs and Cats See Color?

Actually, yes. Dogs and cats do see color, though not quite like humans. They do have some color receptors in their eyes called cones. Some researchers estimate that due to their decreased number of cones compared to humans, our dogs and cats may only see color as 13% as vivid. This indicates that all colors would appear as significantly muted. They also may see very little of the red and orange hues, being stronger in the green colors.

Our pets do however have extraordinary night vision. They have a greater percentage of receptors called rods, which are very sensitive to light intensity, as well as, a highly reflective layer in the back of the eye called the tapetum, which intensifies low light inputs. This helps our dogs and cats see easily even during very dark nights.

Though your pet may not appreciate fine art, they would love a late night stroll.

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Dr. Bob

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