Are Grains Bad for My Pet?

Grains have received much negative attention in the media and advertising, but are they harmful to our pets?

Grains are often labelled as “fillers” in pet foods. There are also claims that grains are a significant cause of allergies in pets. Interestingly, grains are not common allergens for dogs and cats, as meat and dairy are much more often sited to cause allergic reactions.

Furthermore, carbohydrates are a nutritional requirement, especially in dogs. Grains fill carbohydrate needs, in addition to providing vitamins, minerals, and in some cases, protein. If grains are excluded from a pet food, other carbohydrate sources are used, such as potatoes. To my knowledge, there is no current veterinary literature to suggest that grains cause adverse effects in pets, aside from the rare pet allergic to a grain.

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