Am I Healthier Owning Pets?

Yes! Many studies have substantiated the link of owning and caring for a pet and the health benefits for their owners. The following lists some of their benefits.

Lower blood pressure. Just the act petting an animal has been proven to lower a person’s blood pressure.

Reduced stress. Having the companionship of a pet reduces self-preoccupation and worry.

Increased activity. Keeping up with a pet’s needs keeps one from being too sedentary.

Happiness. Pet owners report a greater sense of general wellbeing than non-pet owners.

Less pet allergies. Children younger than 6 months who are exposed to pets develop less pet related allergies later in life.

Autism. Pets often provide needed support, comfort, and distraction for many special needs situations.

Have a great pet-filled summer and contact Hudson Veterinary Hospital, at 330-650-2929, to help keep your pet healthy too!

Dr. Bob

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