• Medical Exam

Our comprehensive physical covers your pet from nose to tail. We begin the assessment by weighing your pet and taking its temperature reading. Next, our doctors thoroughly examine your pet’s eyes, mouth, ears, heart and lungs, abdomen, and skin. We will ask lots of questions about your pet’s routine and address any concerns you may have.

  •  Vaccines

Disease prevention is critical to your pet’s health at every stage of life, but especially in your pet’s puppy and kitten days. We carry a full line of canine and feline vaccines for protection against rabies, canine distemper, parvovirus, bordetella, Lyme disease, feline distemper, leukemia, and FIP. Other vaccines are available on special order if necessary. Since many pets do not require the full battery of vaccines, we will work with you to develop an appropriate vaccine protocol for your pet based on your needs.

  •  Surgery

Our surgical prep room and sterile operating room are fully equipped for both routine and emergency surgeries on cats and dogs of all sizes including spay and neuter procedures, feline de-claw surgery, and growth and cyst removals. We usually schedule surgeries on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Your pet will usually undergo his or her procedure in the morning and will be ready to go home later the same day. Kitties will spend the night if they are being de-clawed. We keep you informed on your pet’s progress throughout the day and send you home with full instructions when you pick up your furry friend.

  • Anesthetic Monitoring and Pain Management:

Providing for your pet’s safety and comfort is our number one surgical priority. Our furry patients will receive a very safe inhaled anesthesia administered through an endo-tracheal tube. Our experienced surgical technicians carefully monitor heart rate and respirations throughout the procedure. A complete blood workup is recommended for older patients before undergoing anesthesia. This will help to rule out any potential problems in advance.

All of our surgical patients will receive pain medication as appropriate to their situation. We want them to be as comfortable as possible while they are recovering from surgery.

  • Radiology

Cutting edge digital imaging radiology services are now available on site. We are able to take your pet’s x-rays and then immediately interpret them on a high resolution monitor.  Digital imaging radiology technology allows us to expertly manipulate the images to get the best picture possible, and diagnose your pet’s illness with speed and accuracy.


  • Dentistry

A healthy mouth makes a healthy pet. If your pet is suffering from halitosis and excessive tartar buildup, or is experiencing discomfort due to a bad tooth, we can help. Sometimes it may be necessary to remove the damaged tooth. We will also perform a complete dental cleaning on your pet. A thorough cleaning includes scaling and polishing the tooth surfaces and applying a fluoride treatment to protect the remaining teeth. We will also administer an antibiotic injection to ward off potential infection from bacteria in the mouth.

  • Fluid Therapy

Sometimes a patient may require regular subcutaneous fluid administration to stay hydrated while convalescing or as a more permanent therapy to help deal with kidney issues. We can administer fluids to your pet at our clinic or provide you with the supplies you need to give fluids to your pet in the privacy of your own home.

  • Boarding

Our kennel houses up to 20 dogs and 6 cats at one time. This relatively small number of boarders in comparison to other larger kennel ensures that we will have time to give each pet individual attention as needed. We offer the usual kennel amenities including heating and air conditioning, plenty of outdoor exercise time, and meal times tailored to your pet’s home routine. In addition, we offer limited bathing services by appointment. Since we are a full service hospital, we are able to prescribe and administer medications for your furry friend while you are away. We are adept at caring for older and convalescing pets who may not be welcomed at another facility due to health concerns or a complicated medicating regime. We strive to make your pet’s stay with us as comfortable as possible.

  • In-House Laboratory with Advanced Diagnostics

In the Hudson Veterinary Hospital laboratory, we employ top of the line equipment to help provide you with answers to your pet’s medical issues as quickly as possible. Most of our testing can be done in-house while you wait. Other tests such as urine cultures, biopsies, and stone analyses are sent by overnight currier/delivery to our diagnostic laboratory with a speedy turn around time. Some of our in-house laboratory capabilities include Heartworm/Lyme/Erlichea testing for dogs, FIV/Leukemia/Heartworm testing for cats, fecal exams, thyroid testing, urinalysis, full blood work up, cortisol testing, glucose testing, and cytology.

  • Referral Services

Occasionally we may encounter a medical situation that requires more specialized treatment or diagnostics than we are currently able to provide. In this case we refer our patients to board certified specialists in the area. We will work closely as a team with these specialists to diagnose and develop a treatment plan for your pet. We will continue to collaborate with them throughout your pet’s treatment and recovery period.