Why is my cat so “kneady”?


Why is my cat so “kneady”?

Ever noticed how your cat loves to knead by rhythmically pushing their front feet alternately back and forth on soft surfaces?  What is all that about?


Your cat is showing a universal behavior that has been explained by several theories.

Outdoor cats have been observed to knead the ground to press down grasses and foliage to form a nesting or bedding area.  Oftentimes, cats may knead a soft spot on the couch or even your own lap prior to taking a coveted catnap.  Also, kittens have been observed kneading their mama’s belly while nursing.  The rhythmic pressure most likely stimulates increased milk let down further reinforcing the behavior. The kneading behavior is often accompanied by a contented purring indicating your cat’s pleasure.

Remember, a “kneady” cat is a contented cat. 

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Dr. Bob