My Cat Hunts – Should I worry?


My cat hunts. Should I worry?


It’s Spring, and outdoor cats are primed for adventures. Hunting and basking in warm sun are great joys in any cat’s life. However, catching little prey such as rodents do carry risks.

Common parasites in cats are tapeworms. Though one source of infection of tapeworms is from grooming and the ingestion of fleas, another common source is from eating rodents which may often be infected with the tapeworm immature forms. The tapeworm will develop in your cat over many weeks and then pass small egg packets (tapeworm segments) through the rectum.  These egg packets are only small sections that break off of the adult worm and resemble a grain of rice or caraway seed.

Fortunately, the worms are not dangerous to your cat’s health other than mild discomfort and possible weight loss.  They are not dangerous to humans.  The worms can be easily eliminated with either oral, injectable, or topical products administered by your veterinarian.  If you have any concerns, please call us at Hudson Veterinary Hospital at 330­650­2929..

Dr. Bob