HVH CHRISTMAS RAFFLE – “Going to the Dogs” & the Kids!


“GOING TO THE DOGS” & the Kids!


Dogs bring smiles wherever they go, but nowhere is it more important than where children need a special companion to help them through a difficult time. That’s why we here at Hudson VeterinaryHospital support the Doggie Brigade Program at Akron Children’s Hospital. 

Since 1992, the Doggie Brigade Therapy Program has brought encouragement, comfort and joy to sick kids whose doctors have approved dog visits. Beyond this, hospital staff also appreciates the presence of Doggie Brigade volunteers. They often call for a dog when placing an IV or where trying to motivate a child in physical therapy. “It’s awesome what these dogs can make the patients do; it gets their mind off their sickness.”  

All dogs involved in the program must undergo a veterinary exam and a special behavioral screening process to ensure their suitability for the program.  Once certified, they receive their official Brigade Bandanas, begin making hospital visits and bring on the smiles!  

This year our team has assembled a special raffle gift basket so you, our caring clients, can take part in our effort to support the Doggie Brigade.

  • Tickets may be purchased for 1/$1 or 6/$5 from December 1-February 29, at our office, or by phone at 300-650-2929.
  • The winner will receive a gift basket filled with pet supplies and special offers for the care and wellbeing of your own furry friends.
  • Funds raised from this project will contribute to the certification and supplies needed to train additional Brigade dogs.  
  • Drawing for the winning ticket will take place March 1, 2012.  

A wagging tail can do wonders for a sick child!