Canine Breed DNA Testing


So exactly what breeds are mixed in my mixed-breed?

Do you ever wonder what breeds may be hiding in your pound puppy?  Such conversations occur every day on dog walks or at the dog park.  Picking out certain characteristics may lead to a seemingly reasonable estimate, but, thanks to new technology, guessing is no longer necessary!

New genetic dog DNA tests are now available to help solve such mysteries and the results might surprise you.  Hudson veterinary Hospital has these tests available and can give you results with a whole blood sample from your furry friend. The tests track the lineage on your pet back three generations identifying its parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.

A practical aspect of having your dog’s genetics tested would be to alert you to any genetic heath concerns common to certain pure breed ancestors.  An awareness of possible genetic health issues would go a long way in maintaining you pet’s health through the years. 

Want to solve the mystery of your tail-wagger?  For further information, visit us at Hudson veterinary Hospital or give us a call at (330) 650-2929.